Pull the levers on this futuristic slot machine. The frolic has five reels with 243 ways to earn, so there’s a lot of robot junk to sort through to find the 90000 jackpot. This slot has a sleek interface and technologically advanced graphics from Microgaming. It’s a must-play for techies and sci-fi buffs.

There is also a bonus round of free spins where players can randomly choose from 5 bonus features. There are five options: scatter prizes, extra wilds on reels, two scatter retriggers, and a three-fold multiplier.

A Slot Machine from the Future

This game allows you to explore a future world where robots are in charge. Robo Jack is far from a despotic machine, but it could help you improve your balance.

This slot machine has 243 winning ways, so you don’t have to worry about paylines. You only need to find matching symbols in consecutive reels from left to right. So simple! Watch out for the Robo Jack Wild symbol, which will replace all other icons in the game except the scatter symbol.

Futuristic Visual Effects

The futuristic theme of this slot game is reflected in the graphics and soundtrack. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest technology. The game is childish, more like Wall-E rather than Terminator. However, this adds a colorful element that will appeal to players of all ages.

These symbols are worth little. They include playing card icons like J, Q, and K.You should be on the lookout for characters such as a green atom processor worth up to 1,250 credits, a yellow box that is worth 1875 credits, a box with coins worth 2,500 credits, Robo Jack who is worth 3,125 credits and the Robo Jack logo which is worth $6250.

Slot Machine Mk2.0

Robo Jack doesn’t require a Ph.D. to play. Slot machine players of all levels will quickly learn how to use the gadgets in this game. The only inputs available are the number of lines and the size of the coins. The paytable will be automatically updated when you alter the total stake.

The maximum amount you can bet is 75,00 while the minimum is 0.30. The reels will be ready to spin once you have finished configuring your bet. The “Spin” button can be used to control the slot machine, or the “Autoplay feature” can be used to give it complete autonomy.

Bonus Boosting Robots

When you spin Robo Jack, five different bonus games can be played. You must first find three scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels. After that, you will be taken onto a new screen with five robots lined up in a line. The robot’s unique feature will be revealed after a random selection. Then, you can accept the robot or risk it and choose another. You only get one chance to try again, so don’t rush. Here are five additional bonuses:

Orange Robot with additional wilds: This robot awards up to 60 Free Spins and turns Robo Jack into a wild symbol.
Purple Robot scatter prize: Get up to 40 free games and a multiplier of 10x whenever a scatter appears.

Green Robot with Wild Reel: This rusty little fellow offers up to 20 spins, turning an entire reel into a wild each time it is spun.
Pink Robot with Scatter Retrigger: This lassie robot can award you up to 65 free spins. You only need to find two scatters to receive another eight freebies.

Turquoise robot with 3x multiplier: This robot will give you up to 50 spins for free with all your wins tripled.

The Microgaming slot machine has bonus features that allow players to win big. The theme is also unique and entertaining, even though it’s a bit cheesy. The game is already popular in Scandinavia, with Swedish casinos reporting high levels.

Rock the Boat has a classic Americana style and a classic Americana-themed slot machine: Elvis! This slot is for fans of Elvis. Jailhouse rock would be more appropriate, as we’re still determining what boats are related to. Microgaming has a great Elvis Wild and accompanying guitar sound effects and Blue Suede Shoes chord sounds.

This classic three-reel slot with one payline is another from the giant game provider. This slot’s maximum jackpot is only 4000 coins. It is on the lower side, but it could still be a big win if you are playing with higher coin values.

One for the money, two for the show

This slot results from a trip Elvis would have taken in a wooden boat. Elvis is pictured in his white jumpsuit with a mic in hand and posing on a rowing boat in front of a lighthouse. We need some clarification, but we love it. Elvis is the star of the theme. A white guitar is one of the symbols. We love that the first two chords from Blue Suede Shoes are played every time the reels stop and land on winning combinations. It doesn’t get more Elvis than this.

The traditional Bar symbol is also used, ranging from Any Bar up to 3 Bars. A lighthouse completes the theme. This game is like an Elvis-themed slot machine with a slot machine theme. Elvis would have a right to question the game’s legitimacy if he were still alive. It’s hard not to feel they could have added more Elvis rock n roll spirit. Given the number of Elvis fans (he is The King, after all), Microgaming would be on to something if they produced a slot with an Elvis theme.

This is an issue that often occurs with the traditional style of slots. They compromise on features like the original symbols and other things that enhance the theme. The conventional type of slot games is more restricted in style and functionality than the modern video slots.

The Technical Stuff

This game can be played in two values: one coin and two coins. The two-coin mode will result in higher bets and twice as many winnings. It may be worth it to spend more. You can choose between 0.25 and 5-cent coins and bet up to two coins on each spin.

The game has nine winning combinations. You should only be concerned about the Elvis Wild, which can quadruple your winnings if you wager two coins. It’s easy-peasy, except for the Elvis wild and the two-coin option. Below is a paytable showing you the possible winnings for the various symbols.

This game is for those who are Elvis fans or enjoy slot machines the old-fashioned way. The Elvis aspects of the game may be limited, but the classic rock n roll feel is reflected in the style and graphics. Playing this game has made us want to listen to some Elvis. Although, there may be better choices than Blue Suede Shoes after hearing those chords so many times.

The game is also straightforward, as you only need to learn to use the Elvis Wild. If you want to win big, we recommend you play this slot using higher-value coins and bet up to two.