Nowadays there are many people who play in casinos, both real and online, and many times you do not know the risk of playing so much. Even though online casinos frequently publish the symptoms of addiction so that their users and partners are aware of and do not fall into this, it is known that not all people take the time to read and become aware of it this important issue for health.

Although it is true that games of any kind serve as a distraction from the worries and stress of day to day and it is healthy to clear the mind while playing for a while, it is not recommended to overdo the time that is played, since the addiction to Not only can gambling affect your income, it can also harm your health, both psychological and physical. There are studies that prove that gambling addicts can suffer from migraine, digestion disorders, depression and many other problems that are related to anxiety.

According to statistics, there are more than two million people who suffer from gambling addiction or are about to be dependent on it. And a report issued in 2017 by the Gambling Commission reveals that scratch cards are used mostly by young people between the ages of 16 and 24, and National Lottery draws are the most popular for people of all ages. And it is known that this type of gambling has been growing for the past two years now with the help of technology and online casinos.

But the slot machines are the ones that are most linked to gambling addiction, since the reels that constantly spin, the cash limits of up to £ 100 and the rewards of gratification keep the users immersed in that world that can become a nightmare if you do not play in the best way. If after reading all this you are not sure if you have a problem with the game and would like to know if you run the risk of having it, or maybe your relatives have told you to stop, you should get help to be a little more aware of your habits and thoughts regarding this. And always keep in mind that gambling is not a financial problem, but an emotional concern with financial results.