I was going through the news on tv and was surprised to see the news that monkey attacks man at zoo. On going deep of the news I came to know that the man was disturbing the cute creature and he attacked him because of anger. You will not believe that I love it the most and as I am very much fond of gambling love to mine out any game which is based on my desire.

Soon after the show I went for the search of any app which may be based on that creature. On doing so I found many but I faced to make the better selection of app from that list. Without going here and there I went for the download of the application which was on the top of the list which is Kung Fu Monkey. This board game is from the production brand of microgaming which is full of many cartoons of monkeys.

The show is so awesome that it will force you to remain in the cage of the monkeys. This is the best gaming app for the one who want to start his/her career in the gambling world. The players can make the betting of up to 20 coins in five reels with fifteen paylines and can be played with real money or for free. The range of the coins which are used in betting ranges to the max of $0.50.

For making the win in this event you will have to make the matching of three symbols in the active slots while spinning from left to right and in return the monkeys will greet you by the beautiful and attractive gifts. On hitting the scatter symbols you will find that the bonus round is being activated. So use your skill and fulfill the desire of the game which it wants which will give you the chance to earn some real cash too.