You might have heard the proverb beauty with brain. It may be fit here because through this post I am going to share out my experience with the most beautiful app of the gambling world which is the Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat. It took me very long time to find this because it was very hard to find best game from the list of best suggestions. Anyway talking about the betting arena, this is the most followed platform for fun among the bettors of the world.

You will be surprised to know that about 70% of the population of Australia is in habit to follow this for the real refreshment with more than half of the poker machines of the world. This event is given to this world by the microgaming which is based on the bravery task performed by the girls who are on task in the tropical jungles. The main characters of the play are six girls named as:-

  • Katherine who is the commander of the team
  • Maria – expertise in artillery
  • Jess – spy ninja
  • Zoe – navigator
  • Alex – loves to deal with dynamite
  • Kira – snipper

They all are on task to capture the drug dealer Hector.

You will get all the symbols of the characters in animated form and many others too such as the faces of playing cards such as nine, ten, king, ace and many more. When you go through the play you will get the feel as if you are in the movie Charlie’s angels.

Graphics and the sound of this one is out of the world with high video quality of about 1080p. For making the win you will have to make the alignment of the symbols from left to right in the active slots of the reels and in return you can get the jackpot win of the play. Best of luck!